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About Us

We are a Christian based literary agency who understands that the book process can be very overwhelming.

Our aim is to help build, guide and assist clients in their career. Together with prayer and working as a team we believe you will be successful, there are no underachievers in this agency. We want to have a long life partnership with our authors.

In return we want serious seasoned and established authors. Writers who are dedicated and committed to their project, no time wasters please. 

For the publisher:- We understand that it is a costly business to print books. That is why we will work hard on promoting the books. We are not lazy and are very grateful for your investment. Our aim is to work with you to make the product a success.

About Us

About The Agent

It was in secondary school where my love for writing came. I loved English and whenever it came to writing short stories I was always awarded a gold star. 

When I was in college I wanted to be a reporter, so I began volunteering with an organisation called Millennium Volunteers. I was involved in writing for their newsletter and magazine, which enhanced my report writing skills. 

I then went to university and studied Journalism, I graduated and got my Bachelor’s Art degree in the year 2004. That was the proudest moment in my mother’s life seeing her daughter with a degree. 

After university I had a change of heart I wanted to get into public relations as I felt that career suited me better as a person and I would be successful in this industry more than being a reporter. It took me almost a year to get a job in public relations it seemed at the time no company wanted to hire graduates, I was grateful for the job I got as an Public Relations Assistant within a charity organisation. I enjoyed this job I helped organised events, write press releases, and collated press cuttings. 

I wrote my first book called Don’t Look Back-The Harmful Consequences of Backsliding. This was published in 2010 and sold a few thousand copies. Other than writing a book I began to write for on line magazines and interviewed best selling and award winning authors such as Judy Baer, Babbie Mason, and Tricia Goyer. 

But my passion for helping aspiring authors came when my friend Yvonne Ellis asked me to help her with her book. I read her manuscript, edit, provided her with a publisher, her book has been a bestseller she has been on television and radio. I helped another author publicise her book and she received full page coverage in a local newspaper, I loved this so much that I decided to be a Literary Agent. This is my God given destiny.

I worked with agent Pauline Barnes and after three years I decided to venture out on my own. This is how The Authors Care Services began. I give God the Glory.

About The Agent

Our Authors

Abby Kelly

As a recovered anorexic, Abby is an advocate for eating disorder awareness, prevention and treatment. She manages the blog page for leading eating disorder website Finding Balance, and is the Senior Editor for My Daily Armor website, which attracts 8 million visitors.

She also has her own GodTube channel, where she host the Lasting Peace series.

Her Bible study on Spiritual Maturity is published by eLectio publishing. You can follow Abby at Abby Kelly Books To watch her videos, please click link LASTing Peace

Parker J Cole

Just as C. S. Lewis believed, Parker J. Cole also adheres to the fact that writing is a tool that God has given to authors, in order to spread the good news of his love in many different formats. 

Just weeks after its release her book Many Strange Women, published by eLectio publishing, became a bestseller on Amazon. Parker J is also a radio presenter on the WLUV blog talk radio network, and has host writer's conferences.

To find out more please visit parkerjcole.com

Lynnette Roman

Has a background within the medical industry, but her passion has always been writing speculative fiction. She has written her first novel called The Ruby Eyed Devil, which is book one in the Tammy Justice series. You can follow Lynnette on twitter.

Trudy Metzger

Is a John C. Maxwell certified Speaker, Life Coach, and Trainer. Trudy is an advocate speaking out against abuse and violence, having unfortunately experiencing these herself since childhood.

Her book Between Two Gods, was released on the 3 March 2015. The foreword was written by Billy Graham's grandson Boz Tchividjian.

To find out more about Trudy, please visit splash4ripples.com

Jannette F. Fuller

Is the young adult author of Persuasion part of the Ambrosial Acres Series. She is a mother of five and was a missionary leader for girls at First Assembly of God.

Please visit her website Jannette Fuller, to buy her book on please click on link Persuasion

Kristen Wells

Is a speaker and author of The Warring Soul. Kristen blogs with her sister, Dori, and also writes for other online publications.

Allyson Carter

Is the author of Buried Secrets and Wounded Hearts. Allyson also writes for a blog called Putting On The New.

She lives in Missouri with her husband, four children and three cats, where she homeschools her children, three on the autism spectrum. She’s addicted to knitting and coffee.

To find out more about Allyson, please log onto her website Allyson Carter

Anna M. Aquino 

Is an international speaker, she is mainly known for her nonfiction and is the author of 22 books. 

She has been published by Barbour Publishing, Destiny Image, and has been on TBN and the Gospel Channel. Anna and husband are founders of Doveagle Ministries. 

To find out more about her visit Anna M Aqunio

Pastor Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill

Is the founder and CEO of Marcus Gill Ministries. He is also a speaker, author, media personality and pastor. With 454,000 likes on social media Facebook, Marcus viral posts are encouraging many followers across the world. 
He is the leading Pastor at The Rush Church United in New Haven CT, and New York City. To find out more visit Marcus Gill

Our Authors

Our Books

Our Books

Submission Guidelines

We represent non-fiction and fiction. 

For non-fiction this includes, bible studies and memoirs. At some point of your story, your memoir must glorify God. You must also be established and have a strong platform to submit a memoir.

We represent Christian themed allegory type manuscripts. Please refrain from using obscene language within the manuscript, and no exotic or dark paranormal scripts.

Fiction: Please email a query letter, attached with a synopsis, blurb, and three sample chapters. The query must include any previous publications, biography, and marketing plans.

Non Fiction: Please email a query letter, attached with a book proposal, CV/Resume, and three sample chapters. The book proposal must include chapter outlines, your biography, who is your competition, and what will motivate people to buy your book.
If you are unsure on how to write a book proposal or even an synopsis, there is plenty of information online that can guide you. Please do not rush these, as we are look for high quality and professionalism.

Due to the volume of submissions, it is not always possible to respond to each person. If you don't hear from us within eight weeks, then you have not been selected onto the next stage, and we pray for your success elsewhere. If you are selected onto the next stage, your manuscripts must be polished. I would advise to get your work checked by some beta readers, who are not friends or family, or a professional development editor. Please double check for spelling and grammatical errors.

We are currently seeking seasoned and established clients, new authors referrals will come through our existing clients. It is important that authors are committed to marketing both long and short term. 

Please pray before you submit to us, it is important that you are guided by the Lord before you make your decision. Please email your query and attachments to submissions@theauthorscare.co.uk. We do consider simultaneous submissions, however please do inform us of this in your email, and to let us know if you have been selected elsewhere. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Submission Guidelines