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Recently, I received an email concerning Christian authors writing for the general market. The message went like this: Dear Vanessa, I want to use my talents and become a professional author. I am a Christian, but I dont want to write for the Christian market. I want to write for the general market, but dont want to displease God. Is this wrong?

My initial answer to this question would be no, there is nothing wrong with a Christian author writing for the general market. Many have done this, using what is known as an allegory style of storytelling, such as CS Lewis, with his infamous Chronicles of Narnia series.

But, when probing this potential author further, I realised what their main issue was. Most Christian authors, who want to write for the general market, struggle about where they ought to draw the line, especially when writing fiction. They want to keep it realistic, but without compromising their faith. For example, if there is a romance scene, how far do they go with the romance, without it being erotic? Or how can they portray a character being angry, without cursing?

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