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There never used to be ‘different publishing methods’; there was only one publishing method: traditional publishing. Now, with the rise of technology, authors have more options to choose from.

In my opinion, traditional is still the number one publishing method. I will explain why later in the article. Firstly, here are the most popular publishing methods for authors.


This used to be called vanity publishing but, in the last three years, the name has changed to co-publishing. So what is this type of publishing method? Well, this is where you invest the majority of your monies into your book, as well as into the publisher.

Depending on the publishing package you choose, these types of publishers still act in the same way traditional publishers do: you will still have your cover professionally designed and your book edited, with an International Book Standard Number (ISBN) and get royalty statements.

With this method, you won’t have to wait too long to get a response. However, it can be very costly: some packages can start from £1,000 and, on top of that, if you want books for marketing purposes, you will have to pay for your books as well.

Depending on the publisher, some take a cut from your royalties, which is often high royalty rates – for example, as much as 50% – and some allow you to keep 100% of your royalties. Well, they say 100%, however they do take third party retailer fees, so it is not really 100%.

Some authors like this method. Though they are investing monies, the hassle is taken away from them, ie. finding an editor, book cover designer, getting the ISBN number and copyright. However, some believe they might as well do it themselves, and this leads us to the second most popular publishing method: self-publishing go to my site.

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