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The Authors Care Services Ltd was founded in 2013, based on biblical principles. As a Christian, it is important that I keep God at the centre of any business venture I am pursuing.

My clients include: Rita King Washington, daughter of blues legend BB King; bestselling author and founder of PJC Media Network, Parker J Cole; radio presenter Deborah Lassiter; public speaker and teacher, Anna M Aquino; fantasy writer Lynnette Roman, and the famous London 5 Studios. These clients were definitely divine connections, and I love working with them.

This journey of being a literary agent hasnt been an easy one. Here, in the UK, there arent many agents of colour, and Christian-based not that I want to cause division with this article, but it is the truth. I had to really push and promote just to be taken seriously. Today, I still get asked what my job role is, and have comments like: Ive never met anyone like you before.. It doesnt offend me at all; in fact, I like to educate people and the publishing industry.

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  1. Billie Urabazo - 4:02 pm

    So very refreshing to find a professional who is not offended to answer questions from those of us who are
    still learning new things in this industry.

    I look forward to learning more.

    All the best from the Wild West,
    billie urabazo

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