I trust and respect Vanessa so much

Having Vanessa Grossett as my agent, and being a part of The Author’s Care Services has truly been a divine connection from God. One day I read an article Vanessa wrote for an online magazine titled Believe, I discovered three things: first, Vanessa was a literary agent, second I had to get her as my agent, and third…I needed an agent. The article was so comforting and came at a time when I needed God’s word to be poured inside me. It was Vanessa’s article which quenched my thirst. Life is about going through a journey and somehow on mine I had managed to write a, Christian Living, non-fiction, 64,000 words, 220 pages, twelve chapter book. I couldn’t quite comprehend that I had completed such a thing. God had ordered my steps right to Vanessa Grossett’s door. However what got my attention was her asking all potential clients to pray first–before submitting to her agency. Other Christian agents, I’d encountered, never asked this of me. I praised God, because you know His people by the fruit they bear. After I combed through The Author’s Care Services website I prayed, researched and submitted. 

It has been less than a year with The Author’s Care Services and working with Vanessa Grossett is sheer delight. She is professional, thorough, determined and patient. She knows her business. I trust and respect Vanessa so much. She is more than an agent, she is a friend. When I came to The Author’s Care Services I was in need of someone who knew the literary world, the do’s and do not’s of the business. Since signing, I have published my first book titled, Beyond the Face of the Movies, I am a radio host for my own show titled Dovetales, under PJC Worldwide Media, and I also write for various magazines. Next year my second book titled, The Women God Used will be published. I can’t say enough about Vanessa Grossett and the wonderful experience that I’ve had with her, and the other authors who’ve supported and embraced me as I entered this agency. I see and feel the work of God, and love being apart of this literary family.

Deborah Lassiter – Beyond The Face of The Movies.