Vanessa is very passionate

I came across Vanessa’s profile via Linkedln.

I viewed her post, and loved how she was marketing her clients.

I was seeking for an agent, that preferably shared the same faith as me for years. Someone that I will have a good working relationship with, and knows the business.

After praying I decided to contact Vanessa, she responded. I knew in my heart that she was the agent I have been seeking, there was no hesitation in  signing with her, and I have not regretted it since.

Vanessa is very passionate about what she does. She communicates well, and doesn’t leave you to just get on with it, she is involved every step of the way. She really helped me with my marketing, and sales as I know I needed a push more in that area. Now I have my own online television show called Real Solutions, and my fiction novels have finally been published, and selling very well.

Having Vanessa as agent was the best God given decision, no doubt we will have a very long working relationship.


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