I couldn’t ask for a better agent

Vanessa was referred to me, by another author called Allyson Carter. She recommend her, as she heard good reports about Vanessa.

At the time I was self publishing, I wanted to be traditionally published, and build my brand. I was nervous, for me it was difficult to give my project to someone that I have never met, and lives in another country. However I decided to give it a go.

We exchanged emails, which lead to phone calls. Vanessa made me feel so at ease, we also shared things about our Christian faith, I was able to open up to her.

Vanessa helped me build the brand Parker J Cole. Five books and three years later I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. She is there for you when you need assistance, she also motivates and prays for her clients, what agent does that? I haven’t come across any who have done that. My fan base has grown rapidly, plus I have my own radio show, and my books have been bestsellers.

I am so glad to have Vanessa as a agent, and will continue to do so throughout my literary career.


Parker J Cole – Many Strange Women, The Other Man, Vengeful Vows, Doctors Cure, and Realms of Our Own. Host of The Write Stuff on Tuesdays, and founder of PJC Media Network.