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A literary agent plays a very important role within the publishing industry. Personally I would describe this role as the author’s silent business partner. Though they are not in the limelight, behind the scenes they work just as extensively as the author.

When I tell people that I am a literary agent, I often get asked: What does my job entail? Does a writer need a literary agent? Are literary agents still needed, especially with the rise of self-publishing?

While Christian-based literary agents are very common in countries like America, they are not that common here in the UK. In this article, I will address the role of a literary agent, using the most frequently asked questions that I receive.

Role of the literary agent: A literary agent represents an author throughout their career. Though many think our job is just to sell manuscripts to the publisher, this is not the case. A good literary agent will help build an author’s career; for example, give ideas or refer them to a publicist to help with marketing.

Agents help the author to improve their manuscripts to the highest standard, ready for the publisher; they get involved with the book process and give general guidance and support rqnmmoo.

Do I need an agent? Your need of an agent depends on factors like the publishing methods you choose. If you want to self publish, then you don’t need an agent. However, if you want to go traditional, especially to the larger publishing houses, then you do, as the larger publishing houses prefer agented submissions.

If you go to the smaller to medium-sized traditional houses, then you don’t need an agent, as they accept un-agented submissions. However, there are some authors who are published by smaller to medium-sized publishing houses but also prefer to have agents.

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