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So you want to be an author? I am not talking about writing a book here and there, I mean a professional author, like Karen Kingsbury, Danielle Steele, Tricia Goyer or Stephen King.

You want to write plenty of books, books that sell millions of copies, are in the New York Times Bestsellers list, and receive great reviews in the Daily Mail or Independent Online. How hard can this be?

Many people believe the myth that being an author is an easy job: you just sit down and write. In reality, it can be one of the most complex and loneliest jobs there are.

The author of the book you may be reading at the moment, spent hours in front of a computer, drafting and re-drafting the manuscript see this page. Authors have to do intense research, and make sure the writing flows, as well as coming up with plots.

Sometimes they can have what is known as ‘writers’ block’; they haven’t got a clue what to write next. If they are agented, then agents, like myself, will step in and help them with some ideas, and give them encouragement. If they are not agented, then they will normally have to take a break from writing the story, until inspiration comes to them. This is why a manuscript can take around six months or more to write.

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