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You have written the book you have always wanted to write, the next step is to get it published. That shouldn’t be so hard with a Christian publisher, right? Wrong.

When I wrote my book, ‘Don’t Look Back –The Harmful Consequences of Backsliding’, I was clueless to the industry at first. I thought, since it was a Christian book, it would be easy to find a Christian publisher. Surely they must pray about submissions they take, since they are a ‘ministry’.

The truth is, Christian publishers are no different to non-Christian publishers. They are looking for books that will produce a lot of sales and, in order to achieve this, they want authors that are well known within their field. That is why a lot of them – especially the large publishing houses – won’t take on new authors. You will often see the term ‘no unsolicited manuscripts’ or ‘manuscripts must be submitted by a professional literary agent’ under their submissions page, which is basically telling you they won’t just accept anybody.

It would be wrong to see a Christian publisher as a ministry because, in their eyes, they are not; they are a business – no different to the secular publishing houses, except they take books that are Christian-themed. So don’t believe that, because God inspired you to write the book, the publishers will have the same view. They won’t.

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